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My Love Affair with the Marco Polo App

Learn how Marco Polo has literally revolutionized my long-distance relationships and makes me feel closer to my friends than ever before.

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Secret to Toddlers: The Illusion of Choice

Ever find yourself in an argument with your toddler? You ask them to do a simple task like put their…

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Working From Home: A Love/Hate Relationship

I get this question weekly. How do you like working from home? Spoiler alert: I love it.

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Foodie Recommendations for Portland, Maine

I talk a lot about traveling alone with your spouse after you have kids – it’s a constant goal of…

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3 Tips for Keeping Yourself Afloat When You’re Drowning in Parenthood

Remember when you just had each other? Me neither; it feels so long ago. My husband and I have two…

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How to Mend Your Relationship 30 Minutes at a Time

When my husband and I had our second baby, we had 3 months off together. And while I’m grateful for…

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