Secret to Toddlers: The Illusion of Choice

Ever find yourself in an argument with your toddler? You ask them to do a simple task like put their shoes on or to pick up their toys and you get nowhere.  You might as well be invisible. Do they hear you? It’s usually over the simplest things.

Let me save you a lot of grief and teach you about a secret I learned a while ago. It’s called the illusion of choice. The concept is just as it sounds - don’t ask them to do something - give them two choices to pick from so they feel empowered and in control. Toddlers like to feel in control of their daily activities. Here’s how it works in practice:

  • Do you want to put on your PJ's first or brush your teeth?
  • It’s time to go, do you want to go potty first or put on your shoes?

Two things need to be done, who cares what order. Give them the power to pick. I literally use this tactic daily. It’s changed my life and has made things so much easier.

Try it, I promise if you have a toddler, it will be mind-blowing!

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  1. I then complement their Choice, I believe My complementing them, strongly empowers choices they make!

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